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How to analyze your HubSpot Records in DataMotto

Want to analyze your HubSpot CRM data with DataMotto's AI? You have two options:

  1. Upload your HubSpot database as a CSV file to DataMotto. This method is easy and straightforward.

  2. Integrate your HubSpot database to DataMotto. This method is automatic, which save time for future analysis, but require a bit more effort to set up.

Below, you'll find a step-by-step guide for each method.

Method 1: Upload

Step 1: Download from HubSpot

  1. Find Your Records:

    • Calls: Go to Contacts > Calls.

    • Contacts: Go to Contacts > Contacts.

    • Companies: Go to Contacts > Companies.

    • Deals: Go to Sales > Deals.

    • Payments: Go to Sales > Payments > Payments.

    • Tickets: Go to Service > Tickets.

    • Custom Objects: Go to Contacts > [Custom object]. If more than one, select the one you want.

  2. Open the View You Want to Export:

    • In list view, click the view's tab or + Add view, then select from the menu.

    • In grid board view (deals, tickets, or custom objects), choose the pipeline and view from dropdown menus.

  3. Export the Records:

    • In list view, click Export at the top right.

    • In grid board view, click Board actions > Export view.

    • Choose CSV as the file format.

    • Select to Include only properties in the view or include All properties. The column order in the export file depends on what you choose.

    • Click on Export button to download your records.

Step 2: Upload to DataMotto

  • Create a "New notebook." Then, select the HubSpot card and upload your HubSpot CSV data. You are all set.

Congratulation! Your HubSpot data is now uploaded to DataMotto, and Klarence is ready to analyze it for you. 🎉

Modify your data?

In case you need to modify your HubSpot data, go to your dashboard and click on "Resources & Integrations" in the left sidebar panel. There, you can modify your data.

Method 2: Integration

Integrating HubSpot databases to DataMotto is a feature available in the Business Plan. It streamlines your workflow by connecting your HubSpot records and syncing with the latest version automatically. If you're interested in upgrading to the Business Plan for your team to take advantage of this integration and other advanced features, please contact us here.

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